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We are a kids marketing, family PR and youth marketing agency. We specialise in responsible marketing to parents, big kids and young adults.

The products and services we promote enrich the lives of babies, children, teenagers, mums, dads and the extended family.

Responsible Kids Marketing

We have been involved in the ethical promotion of children's and big kid's products and services for more than two decades.

We know the market, appreciate how it's evolving, and understand only too well how we as marketers have to think and behave responsibly when reaching out to children and young people.

We support the responsible marketing of children's products, which means they must be safe, wholesome and enrich young consumers' lives. 

Our clients include many of the biggest names in the sector – giants like M&S, Disney, Chupa Chups, Huggies, and Mamas & Papas through to games and technology brands, toy manufacturers, schools, children’s hospitals and kid's charities.


Kids Marketing & Family PR

We are a full service kids marketing, family PR and youth marketing agency offering:

Passionate About Family Values

We are passionate about the ethical marketing of products and services aimed at little kids, big kids and teenagers.

We help family brands win and retain customers while extending the lifetime value of a client. We have helped:

  • Baby food and kids confectionary brands increase sales
  • Games and tech brands launch new products
  • Kids clothes designers make a noise in social, digital, and traditional media  
  • Drive sales of kids and teen products in store and online

We have one question – how can we help you?  


Local Youth Marketing Agency

We may be headquartered in London but our family PR, youth marketing and kid’s marketing teams are spread across the UK.

We operate from seven offices in addition to London – Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Stirlingshire and Essex.

We have experienced kids marketing, youth marketing and family PR consultants in each location while our specialist call centre is based in Rochford.

It means we are on your doorstep wherever you are in the UK.

It goes without saying that we would be delighted to see you in your office or one of ours.


Free kids marketing advice

Contact us on 0800 612 9890 for a free kids marketing or family PR consultation or enter your name & email.

Specialists in kids marketing, family PR and youth marketing