Lollipop Person of the Year

Lollipop Person of the Year, Kwik Fit Insurance, Only Kids Marketing

Every child knows their local lollipop person - and when asked to highlight their celebrated community status by Kwik-Fit Insurance, we were delighted to rollout the Lollipop Person of the Year Awards.

We designed an innovative kids' PR and kids' marketing strategy that establi

shed the competition as a recognisable nationwide event.

The integrated campaign included event management whereby we organised a media launch with Lorraine Kelly, managed the logistics of the competition (e.g. processing entries, choosing winners, arranging award ceremonies), and drip-fed kids' news stories over a three month period.

Receiving coverage in each UK region not only in print but on TV, radio and online, the competition generated an astounding 34,500 unique visitors to the Lollipop Person of the Year Awards website and over 15,000 competition entries.

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