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Only Kids leads the way in family PR.

From baby and nursery PR for your household's small wonders, to wellbeing and beauty PR for frazzled parents, we know exactly how to build and run a successful campaign with the family at its heart.

We've done the most in-depth research you could expect of us - we have families of our own!

And we know what everyone wants from a brand, from kids to parents to grandparents.

Our family PR and family marketing team take into account the changing face of the modern family.

Most families no longer conform to the stereotype of mum, dad and 2.4 children. A study by The Centre for the Modern Family has discovered that single-parent families, as well as same-sex and co-habiting couples make up many modern households.

A quarter of the 3,000 people surveyed did not feel businesses catered for their type of family, and more than half felt they are not represented in advertising.

So there's never been a more important time to show families you truly understand them, in all their wonderful combinations. 

There's no competition when it comes to specialists in family PR. We are a committed, hard working and passionate team who want our clients to be a cut above the rest.

Our staff includes web professionals, public relations experts and journalists, as well as a highly-regarded parenting blogger.

No-one understands the constant demands on the modern family more than we do. Or how to appeal to all sectors and age groups within a household.

Relatively speaking, we're the Only choice for all your family PR needs.


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