Kids Marketing On Another Level

Nobody understands children more than the team at Only Kids.

We have them, we used to be them...

But more importantly we stay in touch with how they see the world and what they respond to.

In today's age of 140 characters and Instagram pictures (not to mention selfies), kids and teens have extremely short attention spans.

You'll get nowhere with complicated brands, lengthy explanations of your products and uninspiring design. Which is why we'll give you pictures, graphic examples and short sentences that pop.

Children generally react most to things which make them laugh, cry, jeer or truly think. Whatever reaction you're looking for, Only Kids can get you there.

We never forget that parents have the power to block your access to their children. So as well as conveying the right message, we help you prove your business is worthy of parental trust.

Marketing to kids is not complicated. But sometimes grown-ups get bogged down in what they would like to see/hear from a brand, forgetting that youngsters will view things differently.

We speak to kids on their level - without patronising them.

Marketing to children inherently involves appealing to their inner world - their imaginations. 

For teens, you must be tuned in to current social media trends such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Don't worry if kids marketing seems a foreign language. You're only acting your age!

We know how to act theirs.

We can put together a package to suit your business or product, including elements like advertsing and media buying, design, social media engagement, website content and much more.


To find out more, contact Elspeth Brown on 0800 612 9890. 

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